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    1. After reviewing the eligibility to become a participant, as long as you have met the requirements, please complete the application in its entirity.
      • Use only Blue or Black ink
      • Please print clearly
      • No white out
      • Complete the application in its entirety
      • Sign the application
    2. Drop off the application in person to ECDC, rm. 211A, we do not accept faxed or emailed copies.

    3. After your application has been dropped off in person or mailed, you may contact Christopher Wren Director, to check your status by sending her an email at
     361-825-4571  requesting an application status update with:
    • Your full first and last name
    • Your A number
    • Your phone number

To be considered for admission, please submit a completed application to the ECDC, Room 211A. Incomplete applications cannot be processed. Applications should be neatly printed. Statement of Confidentiality: The information contained in this application is for the purpose of determining the applicant’s eligibility for the Student Support Services Program. All information received is confidential.


Applications will not be accepted via email due to confidentiality purposes. Please be sure to drop it off in person and leave it with a Student Support Services staff member in the ECDC, rm. 211A.